My name is Joyce Perianto. I was born in a village called Noorkishiru in 1996. I grew up knowing that life was well and good without education. My parents valued cattle a lot, so they believed that prosperity was all about having many cows. In our village the nearest school was seven kilometers away from home so getting there was hectic. I started school at the age of five years at Empukani
Primary school. The school had only nursery school by then. I studied there for two years and moved to Meto Primary school to start class one there. There most students did not know the importance of education; we were just going there as a routine. The main language was mother tongue. Reading was a problem; leave alone pronunciation. Parents did not know the importance of education, so they were taking their children to school as an order from the government. I had siblings in high school, so I wanted to be like them: going to study in town.
Luckily my father had a friend in Isinya who is a teacher and told him about Top-ride academy. I was transferred there and started in class six. Out of forty-three children I was the only one who studied in a private school. I did my KCPE in 2010 and scored 364 marks. My father was happy and promised to take me to a good high school. I was admitted at Noonkopirr Girls’. School fees was a challenge since Ihad other nine stepsisters in high school. I spent most of my time at home due to lack of school fees. At the same time studying at home was also a challenge since during the day we take cre of the herds and at night there’s not enough lighting. Completing holiday assignment was a big challenge leave alone revising at home. Most girls in the village dropped out immediately after class eight or even before so there is no one to discuss with. I utilized my time in school to improve with my results. I had a dream of becoming a doctor in future.

When I was in form four, I looked for a way to facilitate reading at home. I saved my pocket money to buy a lamp (solar charged). I got a better way to read during the night. I improved the next term and from then till KCSE I got better results. I did my KCSE and got a B plain with an A in Mathematics. Most villagers did not believe. In our family going to college was a choice; that is if you can pay your fee. I was confused because none of my brothers had a job. I worked as a waiter in a local hotel to get some money to study computer packages. I went to Imanitech computer college and when I was there a friend told me about KUCCPS; a government initiative that sponsors students and helped me to apply for it.

I did not attain enough points to pursue medicine but because I had a passion in Mathematics, I chose to do it. The small fee to be paid by the student was now the problem but luckily I got bursary to start with. Every year I was being given a bursary of 30,000. I worked during the long holidays to get some money for personal use during school time. When I was in the last year last semester, we were affected by Covid-19 and we had to stay for sometime out of school. Studying online was a challenge due to network issues and at times bundles. I made it to do my last exams in July and graduated in September. Most of my agemates were married off long ago. I got a chance to work with GRIC an organization that has the same vision as mine. I would want to enlighten my community on the importance of education and leadership. That starts with the children now. Also want to show parents that not only men can make it to degree level as they believe. I would like to tell them that ladies can also be leaders and can make it in life. In a community where they believe that the purpose of a woman is only to be married and give birth, I want to show them that women are advantageous when educated and can bring impact to the community.