Jemmy Sintonei is a 14-year-old girl in grade 6 at Impiro primary school in Kajiado. During the pandemic she became pregnant and when schools resumed this year, she did not go back because she needed her parents to allow her to go back to school and someone to look after
her baby. According to Wilson “when we began the project, we made a follow up together with the village elders and persuaded her father who is also a village elder to allow his daughter to return to school.”
Jemimah eagerly went back to school, and she has settled in well and her mother takes care of her baby while she is in school. She has joined the reading club at her school and her favourite book is ‘Truphena the city nurse’, one of the story books supplied to her school by the GRIC funded project. Great improvement has been noted by her teachers, her composition writing skills continue to improve day by day.