Osotua CBO was founded in 2016 and registered as a CBO in 2018 by two youth committed to addressing challenges their communities face in DolDol, Laikipia North County.  DolDol area is occupied by the Maa pastoralist community and falls in the category of semi-arid areas.  The CBO focuses on economic empowerment for women, improving access and quality of education for children and youth.

The Kisapuk community learning center was founded in the year 2009 with the support of world Vision Kenya in partnership with the Kisapuk community. The CBO works with the Maasai community in Kisapuk area in Kajiado Central sub county. The learning center was established with the aim of promoting knowledge, education, health, and development through ICT. Today, the organization offers several services to members of the community including computer classes, internet services, printing, photocopying, lamination, radio, TV and video learning programs and library services to the communities and schools in the neighborhoods.

PICO is a community-based organization based in Magadi Town, Magadi Division in Kajiado county. It was formed in November 2012 as a self-help group called Enlighters Youth Initiative. It was formed by a team of young professionals and students drawn from across Kajiado West Sub-County to strengthen the capacity of Maa community by promoting access to quality education, improving transition rates of students from one level to the next and building resilience in the communities so that they cope with the effects of climate change.

GEWEP, is a community-based organization that addresses social and economic constraints facing girls and women among the Maasai community in Instashart location, Kajiado West constituency. GEWEP’s work involves advocating for women and girls’ rights, strengthening women’s economic base, advocating for, and supporting access to quality education for all children and youth in the communities served.

Il`laramatak Community Concerns is a community-based organization based in Kajiado. Its goal is to empower the Maasai communities to identify and to drive their own development initiatives.  The organization has been working in education and ensuring that learning institutions provide conducive environments for learners. Their activities include mentorship sessions for girls, creating awareness on Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights for learners as well as provision of sanitary towels to girls.

The Malkia Initiative (MI) is a youth and women-led nonprofit that works in Kajiado. Malkia means Queen in Kiswahili, and the organization was founded on the principle that all women and girls were created for excellence and therefore aims to build their self-esteem and confidence so that they realize that they are all “queens”. The organization is involved with activities that support girls to enroll in school, stay on and succeed.

Indoinyio Youth Alliance (IYA) is a community-based organization, that works with communities in Kajiado Central Sub County. Indoinyio Youth Alliance aims to empower students to focus on education as a way of eliminating poverty and using the scarce resources in their communities to support themselves and their families. It has a membership of 22 youth who are college graduates or are in college.

Patinaai Osim Community Care Organization is based in Kajiado County. Patinaai supports education and mentorship interventions for young Maasai girls with the aim of keeping them in school and ensuring that they learn. (Sexual and reproductive health), supplying girls with sanitary pads and scholarships for girls is part of what they do. Patinaai’s mandate on education has since expanded from just girls to include boys as well, after the realization that there is a high number of boys dropping out of school and engaging in Moranism and child labor.

Community Support Initiatives Tanzania (COSITA) is a local non-governmental organization registered under NGO Act, 2002 in the year 2010 to operate in Tanzania Mainland. The organization started as an idea from a group of people with common purpose mainly to serve poor, marginalized, and vulnerable communities confronted by lack/shortage of clean and safe water, inadequate education opportunities, land degradation/natural resource destruction, child right abuse, gender inequality/inequity, and food and nutrition insecurity.

Ngorongoro Women Community Based Organization was founded by 43 women from each ward in Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) to respond to lingering gender inequalities and feminization of poverty in the pastoral communities living in the area. The organization intends to fight inequalities and poverty through increasing number of women in leadership position, improve women economic power, expand access to education, advocate for equal distribution of economic opportunities in the community, including women property and land rights, work with stakeholders to protect natural resources and promote tourism and advocate for girl rights to education

GCF started in the year 2014 as a small, unregistered group of women in Soit Sambu village, Tanzania. The idea of establishing this group was to help Maasai women generate income through commercialization of their cultural skills {bead working­­}, and promote social protection and education in the marginalized Soit Sambu community.

MHDS was formed in 2017 as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) and registered under the social welfare department of Ngorongoro District. Founded by two Maasai men from Emburbul sub village of Nainokanoka Village, it is headquartered in Nainokanoka Ward in Ngorongoro District with the purpose of giving back to the community by promoting social welfare protection and advancement of education initiatives in and around the conservation area.

EECDI  is a Community Based Organization (CBO) registered in August 2012. The objective of EECDI is to manage and coordinate cultural and natural resources for sustainable development of the community. The organization has the overall mandate of managing and coordinating tourism business and activities on behalf of the local communities in the Engaresro area and thereafter distribute benefits off tourism to the supporting of various development programs within the village including Education projects. The CBO is managed and operated by local communities themselves and 100% of the collected revenue remain within the community.

Arua Youth Development Initiative (AYDI) is a membership Community-Based Organization established in 2019 and attained its legal registration status in June 2020. AYDI programmatic areas include education, agriculture, health, income generating activities (poverty alleviation), gender-based violence, and youth empowerment. We are keen on creating a home environment that support learning of children by encouraging caregivers to help their children with homework and attending school meetings that would enable the caregivers to understand the school functioning and how their children are learning.

Community Focus International is a registered National Non-Governmental Organization. CFI’s mission is “to provide sustainable improvement in the quality of lives of deprived children, vulnerable women, men and youth through a process that creates social inclusion, unity and adds meaningful value to lives.”  The vision of Community Focus International (CFI) is “a better world in which all children, women & youth realize their full potential in communities that respect peoples’ rights & dignity.”

Child Rescue Ministry (CRM) is an organization registered in the republic of Uganda as a non-profit, non-commercial & non-government organization. It operates in Northern Uganda. It was started with shared passion by a group of Christian brothers in 2012 who desired to rescue, restore, and reintegrate children affected by malnutrition and girls affected by injustice and negative social norms in the postwar northern Uganda.

DEPCOT began informally in 2006 as a psychosocial response to mitigate the impact of adversaries caused by HIV/AIDS and atrocities of Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Oyam district of Northern Uganda. Subsequently, it formally registered with the district local governments of Oyam, Lira, Otuke, Kole, Alebtong and Lira in 2010. Shortly in 2011, it registered with the National NGO Board in 2011.

Saving Aid Foundation is an indigenous child. youth and young women’s (child mothers) organization operating in Lang’o sub region. We aim to empower communities to shape the destiny of the society they live in by investing in women and girl talents through education and entrepreneurship programs. Currently Saving Aid Foundation is involved in the following education related activities: engaging stakeholders to promote and create equitable/quality education for all in the community through sensitization and awareness creation, strengthening student learning outcomes by training teachers, and engaging them in discussions that are tailored towards achieving positive academic results from children, supporting children’s foundational literacy skills, removing economic barriers, through initiatives such as providing scholastic materials, solar lamps and free sanitary pads, mobilizing and sensitizing parents to be involved in their children’s education, for example, helping them with their homework, and in promoting conservation of our environment to fight climate change.