(i) Children and learning

Our education program is tailored to promote holistic learning and promote acquisition of foundational literacy and numeracy skills by learners furthest behind.

We are implementing a level-based learning program that borrows from the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) methodology. Our KKK (Kusoma, Kuandika na Kuhesabu) program supports learners to acquire reading and numeracy competencies. We also distribute reading and learning materials that entrench a reading culture in communities. To ensure learning continues beyond the confines of the school, we are implementing activities that mainstream intentional parental involvement in learning and ensure community-based learning.

(ii) Grassroot organizations

We support visionary grassroot organizations to grow and scale their operations. Through well targeted capacity building sessions, sustained mentorships, and exposure to opportunities outside the Community-Based Organizations’ horizon, we have seen tremendous growth in the program’s reach and funding capacity of our partner organizations.

(iii) Women and girls

We train women on financial management and offer them matching seed grants to support their micro-enterprises development. We also partner with them to provide childcare services in vulnerable communities. Our girls mentorship program supports girls to gain positive resilience that allows them to stay in, and perform well in school.

(iv) Youth leadership

Our 6-month youth fellowship engrains in youth the culture of service and citizenship. The youth are exposed to theoretical and practical aspects of employment, entrepreneurship, community service that grounds them in the community while offering the opportunities for upward social mobility.